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Name: Grace Kane
Age: 30
Species: Dog (German Shepherd)
Job: Journalist

Short Description:

Grace is 5’’6; and around 144 pounds. She is a German Shepherd Dog and is sable colored, meaning most of her fur is a slightly mottled dark brown color. Her snout is black, as are her ears. Her eyes are hazel.

Reputation: Grace is known to be ambitious, and will go out of her way to get a good story; even if it means entering somewhat ambitious situation. For the most part, she is a laid-back and fairly sarcastic person to be around, with a friendly and easygoing nature.


Agility :star: :star: :star:
Intelligence :star: :star: :star:
Perception :star: :star:
Presence :star: :star:


Business Sense :star: :star:
Persuasion :star: :star:
Drive :star: :star: :star:
Singing :star: :star:
Dodge :star: :star:
Resolve :star: :star: :star: :star:
AT: KiMe Killah by SalemtheCruel
AT: KiMe Killah
My half of an art trade with :icon:AlexMew-Mew: Gah, I am so sorry if this looks like shit; but I'm in something of an art block lately XP I would have drawn her whole body, but I just couldn't get it to look right; so I settled for just her upper body. I hope that's okay.
It had now been two weeks since Eleanor had been banished to the idyllic abbey of Redwall; and the sight of her former friend’s vengeful, anguished sobs as she was led away in shackles still haunted Nialla in the gloom of her distant nightmares. Nonetheless, it was somewhat comforting to know that, at least, Eleanor might find peace among the easygoing residents of Mossflower.

In addition, though, she was also haunted incessantly by the thought of her children’s’ future; and what sort of lives and childhoods they would have if the family remained in Port Kendall, where the family name had already been blackened. Colin and Caroline, she feared, might never be able to free themselves from the unfair and twisted shadow that years and years of rumors and twisted speculation had cast over their father; and it broke her heart to think of them being treated as outcasts simply for their heritage.

 And so, she took it upon herself to confront Adrian about this matter in his study one day; standing outside and knocking on the door.

“Adrian? Adrian, I need to talk t’you…..”

“Come in, darling.”

Her husband’s voice echoed from behind the door.

“Have a seat and we can talk.”


Nialla found a chair and sat down; getting straight to the point:

"Adrian…. We really need t’talk about this; especially now that what happened with Eleanor’s behind us. I really don’t think it’s that safe. For us to raise Colin and Caroline in a place like Port Kendall.”

Adrian only shrugged as though the whole thing were no matter.

“We could always homeschool them.”

While that would partially solve the problem; Nialla did not entirely agree.

“They’d still have to get out and play with children their age at some point….”

“Nialla, where would we go? I won’t take my children to Mossflower.”

But Nialla, it seemed, knew exactly where to go instead.


"To that little cottage by the sea where we honeymooned; there’s a small village a few miles from there.”

“The sea is rough there. If either of them were to be playing when the tide came in, they’d be carried away. Darling, what is wrong with Port Kendall? We have a lovely house and this island is under a peace treaty so vermin won’t harm us.”

“Everything is wrong with Port Kendall; Adrian. The children would grow up as outcasts, and all your neighbors think you’re a madman. And then there’s…… Your father.”

“Those first two things are bad, yes, but what is it about my father you hate so much?”

It still made Nialla cringe to think of the embarrassing and downright humiliating things Nathaniel had said about her after her and Adrian’s wedding several years before.


 “Well….. He’s said some very embarrassing things about me in the past, and he’d be an awful influence on the children.”

“He was drunk when he said those things!”

“That doesn’t entirely excuse it……”



Nialla was growing exasperated now.



“He loves the children very much,”

Adrian insisted.



“He spoils all of the grandkids with gifts during the holidays. Perhaps it would be better if we went to live on Green Isle with him?”

Nialla considered this- Indeed, this did not sound like too bad a compromise; although she still would have liked it very much if the children did not grow up in Port Kendall at all.


"Maybe during the holidays, maybe; but Adrian, please: Just consider my idea.”

“I am considering it, but I want Caroline and Colin to be happy.”

The black otter was also acting in her childrens’ best interest, and knew that Adrian was right to be thinking of their well-being just as much as she was.



“I understand; that’s all well and good, but could you at least think about it?”

“I’ll sleep on it, but I feel that Green Isle would be the best choice.”




Although it took some several days of debating, Adrian and Nialla eventually reached a compromise: They would move to a cottage Adrian would build on Green Isle (far away enough from the rest of the family); and would spend the holidays with the other members of the family. Nearly a week afterwards, Nialla and Adrian were finishing packing their things (the house had just been sold to Rose; who was more than happy to move in.), and Colin and Caroline were waiting for them in a carriage outside.

Striding down the stairs with a suitcase in paw, Nialla shook her head as she heard Adrian’s familiar footsteps and glanced up to smile wryly at him.

"It took you bloody forever to change your mind…..”

“Sorry that I’m stubborn. Blame my mother for that.”

Nialla only snorted in response.


“Caroline’s awfully excited, though.”

Adrian smiled at the notion; clearly glad his daughter was so happy about the move.


“Good. She needs some adventure in her life.”


"Aye, she does.”

Stepping over to Adrian, Nialla promptly kissed him on the left cheek.


 “Do you think Colin will do all right on the voyage? He’s never been on a boat.”

Nialla had little doubt in her son; despite him being an infant still, she was still confident he would handle the journey well enough.


"I’m sure he’ll do just fine; and besides, I’ll watch him for you.”

And with that, Adrian hugged his wife, smiling.


“I love you, Adrian Danisham.”

Nialla whispered.


“I love you more, Nialla Blackburn-Danisham.”

And with that, bags in paw, the two strolled out into the late autumn sunlight, eager and ready to begin the new life that awaited them.

Eleanor sat on top of a crate with her paws tied behind her. After her suicide attempt, Nialla had refused to let her out of sight and now the mad dog had arranged a crew to take her to someplace called Redwall Abbey for safety.

Two crew members, a young squirrel and an otter, were guarding her as the aforementioned mad dog of Rosewood was talking to the captain about some last minute details.

"Captain, I trust that you will handle her with care and make sure that she is seen safely to the Abbey."

"Of course Mr. Danisham. My crew and I will do everything in our power to keep her safe from herself. I've already sent word to the abbess that we are coming."

Adrian nodded in approval. "Good. Thank you for doing this. I have your payment too. I know the trip to Mossflower is long and treacherous."

He pulled out a sack of coins from inside the pocket of his coat.

"I hope this will be enough."

The captain looked inside and grinned at the shining gold.

"It's perfect sir."


Nialla walked up to her former friend.

"I didn't want our friendship to end this way, but you will find new friends at Redwall."

Eleanor spit towards her. "You should've let me kill myself! Now you're sending me away so I can suffer in Mossflower?!"

"It's for your own good."

"How do you know what's good for me?! Damn you! Damn you and your mad dog!"

Nialla turned away from her former friend and as she was about to start walking away she said, "You ruined my family Eleanor. You're lucky that I even care if you live or die."

And with that she left.
Well, I left a comment on :iconlooneyartist:'s journal concerning HER tag, and now I will do the same for anyone who comments here. All you need to do is leave a comment; and if you're one of the first 10 commenters I will gladly feature your character here!












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Decided to get rid of my bio... Lol it's far too whiny and outdated by now anyway ;)

For those of you who'd like to draw my Redwall persona:

Salem is a red fox, with black footpaws, white front paws, and hazel eyes. She wears a purple tunic and a black cloak :)

as far as names go.... You can call me Salem, Sale, any variant of the above, or refer to me by my alternate name, Vilaya, for which I have several nicknames (LOL!) among them Vil, Villeh and VillVill ;) Feel free to call me ANY of the above!

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